My view – I think that a nation without secure borders is not a nation, just a geographical area.  Until we secure borders, any other plan will fail.  I think that citizenship is a privilege we should guard jealously.  Work Visas should be granted when it is in the interest of our citizens.  There are a great number of positions available today, especially in agriculture and the hospitality industries, that are filled by immigrants.  In most cases, the jobs can be filled by someone with limited skills (including language skills) and because of the lower skills required, the positions pay very little drawing too little interest from citizens.  We need a program of temporary work permits that will allow us to fill these positions without taking jobs from citizens – not a simple task.  Our current immigration system is broken and our borders are not secure.  We must fix both problems.  As long as we have a stronger economy than Mexico, there will be an incentive to come here illegally.  Amnesty would be the biggest incentive to bring in more illegals.

Mr. Mccain’s Plan – Secure our borders first.  Offers comprehensive Immigration Initiatives. Offers to create asecure user friendly system to document worker identity then crack down on employers who don’t use it. He would implement a temporary worker program.  He would deport aliens with criminal records.  He would resolve the undocumented alien issue – no green card for illegal ahead of those waiting to enter legally, must learn English, pay back taxes/fines, etc.

His record – Mr. McCain, contrary to his party’s desires proposed legislation that would have, in effect, granted amnesty to most currently illegal aliens.  He has since seen the need to modify that position due to the overwhelming public feeling against it.  The rest of his plan seems pointed in the right direction. He voted in favor of Social Security Benefits for illegals.

Grade – C+  Most of his plan is reasonable but the devil is in the details and the comprehensive immigration innitiatives are too general at this point, and, there is the worry he will fall back to favoring amnesty for too many.


Mr. Obama’s Plan – Secure the borders first.  Improve our immigration system.  He would remove the incentives to enter the US illegally by cracking down on employers who hire illegals, thus limiting their ability to get work.  He would work closely with Mexico to resolve many of the issues.  He would show respect for families and do his best to keep them together.

His record – Mr. Obama has voted in favor of most amnesty legislation.  He has consistently voted in favor of giving public assistance to all aliens, legal and illegal, such as health care, in-state tuition, etc.  Mr. Obama has a consistent record of supporting efforts to make a reliable, verifiable system to check alien status to allow employers to help enforce immigration laws.  He voted in favor of Social Security Benefits for illegals.

Grade C+  Most of his plan is similar to Mr. McCain’s and if properly carried out will work toward a solution. His continued backing of incentives for illegals (health, education, welfare) flies in the face of his claim to want to eliminate incentives.