My view: Foreign Policy is probably the area in which I have the least well founded understanding.  I would have to find talented and experienced people from many points of view to bone up on this.  I do, however have opinions in general about the subject.  I see a reasonable analogy with a family and the space it calls home.  You don’t let your neighbors raise your kids.  You do, however, vote like your neighbors to choose the laws and policies that guide how you will live together in harmony.  Similarly, I think as a nation, we must control our own destiny, not turning it over to the whim of some foreign power, while working within the larger community to do those things that will be best in the long term for the world community.  If that is as unclear as I think, I will confess that it is a fine line between doing what is best for the citizens of our nation while doing good for all people of all nations.  I would be involved with a U.N.-like organization and would take our responsibilities to it seriously.  First, I would abolish the United Nations and start over.  Its record of inaction and corruption should be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.  As for meeting directly with the leaders of any nation, I would definitely to that but in a more traditional way with some preconditions.  My neighbor has a party with 10 friends each Saturday and doesn’t have room for all of them to park on his property.  He parks his two cars on my front lawn to make room.  Before I call the police, I send him a message that I want to talk about his transgression but will only do so if he removes the cars.  My hope is to dissipate the issue before having to take stronger measures.  If I just walk over to his house and confront him, I have lost control of the situation.

I’m going to want lots of help on this one, but, somehow I think I will get it.

Mr. McCain has a strong military background and I believe he would be more likely to use American military power than would Mr. Obama.  I think in most ways, a McCain administration would be most like a Bush administration in this area.  It is one of the areas where Mr. McCain differs only slightly from Mr. Bush.  Mr. McCain is much more likely, however to work with the global community on climate issues as signaled by his belief in US carbon caps.  The fear with Mr. McCain expressed by many is that he might be trigger happy.  I think he knows war and does hate it.  I think that will temper his trigger finger.

GRADE: C – probably steady with little change.

Mr. Obama has almost no experience in foeign affairs and as such will likely make a number of errors as he finds his way, should he become President.  He is less likely to use American Military power than Mr. McCain as witnessed by his early and regular opposition to the war in Iraq.  The fear expressed by many about Mr. Obama is that he will be ‘worked’ by people like Putin and will be likely to appease others until it is too late to take effective action.  I think he will listen to all ideas and take too long to make some decisions and will waffle on others, as he has Iraq as he moved from primaries to general election.

GRADE: C – things would change but not necessarily in the right direction.