I hope to discuss 30 different issues and the positions of the candidates over the next 30 days before the election.  My plan is to show my position, the Candidate’s position, and the Candidate’s actual history to instruct as to whether the candidate’s words match the candidate’s deeds.

So far the list of issues that I am considering includes (in no particular order):

1.  Energy Policy – What should we do?

2.  Taxation – What changes for what reasons?  See post from October 6

3.  Government Spending – Where do we need to spend more?  Where less? – see post dated 10-8

4.  GSEs and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac specifically – What should we do? – the above post includes this?

5.  Global Environmental Concerns – What do they believe?  What would they do?

6.  Health Care – What do they recommend?  What would they accomplish?  see post 10-18-08

7.  Borders/Immigration – Is there a plan?  – see post from October 6

8.  Citizen’s Rights – What needs to be done/undone?  see post 10-18-08

9.  Infrastructure

10.  Job Creation

11.  Foreign Policy – see post from October 4

12.  War on Terror/Homeland Security 

13.  Social Security

14.  Trade

15.  Judicial Appointments

16.  Crime and Punishment

17.  Education – see post of October 3

What would you like to add?  Hit the comment button and make your suggestions.