Tonight is the much anticipated debate between Mrs. Palin and Mr. Biden.  

Mr. Biden has been a Senator since 1973 – 35 years.  For two years after he completed law school, he practiced law and was a city councilor.  His education was both undistinguished and, by his own admission, he badly underperformed.

Mrs. Palin has been the governor of Alaska since 2006.  After college, she worked for one year as a sports reporter.  In 1992 she became a member of the Wasilla City Council.   In 1996 she was elected mayor.  She held that position until her election to be Governor in 2006.  Her education was also undistinguished.

I think this will have much the same draw as NASCAR racing.  Secretly almost everyone will be watching to see the ‘crash.’  Will Mrs. Palin’s lack of experience on such a stage cause her to make a major mistake?  Will Mr. Biden make one of his classic awkward statements as in, “…a bright and clean and nice-looking guy?”

My prediction is that TV ratings will soar, neither candidate will “crash”, and life will go on without this meaning much of anything.  But it could be fun.

If you reversed the roles and had Mr. Biden as Mr. McCain’s running mate and Mrs. Palin as Mr. Obama’s running mate, now, that would be fun.  McCain/Biden would have 60 years experience in the Senate and Democrats would say that they have worked their entire lives in Washington and if you elect them you will just get more of the same.  An Obama/Palin ticket would be heralded by Democrats as proof of their inclusive philosophy – a Black and a Woman running for the highest offices in the land for the first time ever.  And, Sarah Palin would be acknowledged as a liberated woman breaking through the glass ceiling. 

Isn’t it fun to reverse the roles?